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Welcome to our web site!
   I will give you a free estimate for the repair of your clock after you give me the  information I need. You will need to email me the clock type, clock maker, and if the clock is complete, among other questions I may want to ask. A picture of the clock would be very helpful.
   Don't worry about using USPS mail service to ship your clock to me. As long as the clock is packed well with the pendulum removed it will arrive safely.
   I have been buying, fixing, and selling clocks on ebay for the past 5 yrs. and have finally published my own website. It is going to be very interesting and I hope to have a fruitful experience with my customers.
   My user name on ebay is "clock_whisperer" and I have over 1000 feedbacks with a 100% positive rating. I am one you can trust!

I do not have an email service set up as yet linking this website but you can email me at until furthur notice.

Sample ebay clocks for sale